In times of failure


Competitions are meant for participating. It is not always about winning. Studies culminate in an academic qualification that open up new vistas in career. Scoring and achieving is synonymous for students but this should not become the sole purpose of a student’s life. In case, the school has a fancy dress competition, to be worked on a theme, parents need to provide the gear or preparing the child to go on stage. At the same time it is important to heed to the comfortability factor of the child in terms of clothing and props.


Not all of us are great conversationalists and neither can all of us draw and paint. But a mix of this and that is important and one could only try in exposing the child to various options in extra curricular activities. Failures will happen in life but shielding the child from the fear of failure can have disastrous effect.


Most pre school children have no clue of something called as competition and going on stage to create an effect. But they do understand prize and gifts. It would be correct to let the child know that only one best participant will be awarded a prize. Similarly goading the child and making him perform efficiently is not desirable. Trying to win should be encouraged than winning itself.  Also to pacify the child on losing, parents splurge on a huge gift which becomes a habit.


Stage fear has to be removed from the child’s mind. It is very common that a child who is a good singer or dancer in front of a private audience does not perform on stage or is uncomfortable holding the mike. This does not mean failure but overcoming the short coming has to be trained. Life is full of opportunities for children and understanding the child during failure is important.


Academic pressures are very high these days and whether it is an issue of percentage or percentile, the child is definitely pressurized. Kids are very aware of opportunities and knowing their skills. As a parent we can encourage them to participate in the zonal level or give them a scholarship exam. It is also important to work in conjunction with the child’s guide or coach and give your feedback on certain issues.


Children are very much affected by failure and all they need is a bit of encouragement. They should be motivated to try hard next time, concentrate better and perform with complete zeal whether in sports, stage or academics. Accepting failure is a job half done. At the end of the day for children a warm hug from parents is the biggest reassurance. 

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