Improving Child’s Memory

We all know how important memory factor is in the lives of each one of us. More so, for a child who is continuously struggling to meet deadlines and examination pressure, it is always a stressful task to remember each and every thing he has been taught. But parents need not despair for this particular issue. There are always some useful tips at hand. We will be sharing some wonderful techniques to improve your child’s memory.

Many a times parents complain of their child having a poor memory. He or she can’t remember things in the class or examination and paper remains blank. Well, that’s quite understandable considering It is a normal phenomenon. So how to improve memory? Before going into the methods, let’s talk about what is memory? Basically, memory refers to the mental capacity of retaining facts, events and impressions. Different people have different memory and some just have that extra edge over others.

One of the commonly used systems of developing memory is Mnemonics. One technique that many parents have found helpful is Acronym. It basically refers to abbreviation for a set of words. If I say ASAP, that refers to As soon as possible. Similarly a child can be made to learn different acronyms with regular practice. Parents can also rearrange the words and derive some other set of words. Apart from acronym, Acrostics is another method. In this technique, first letter of each word is taken from the words that are supposed to remembered and them a sentence is made using those letters. This is a helpful technique because it is easier to remember a sentence than a list of unrelated words.

Apart from these methods, parents can also use poems and songs, Loci or chunking. A child will be more able to remember things if it sounds rhythmic. Chunking refers to segregating long list of numbers and associating each separate part with some events. That proves very handy for kids in remembering things.

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