Improve Child’s Immune System

Human body is a very critical unit. Despite of all this grand developement of science in medical field most of the black holes are still unlightened. We have all sort of medical treatments, drugs, decease recognising test facilities but still there are so many deceases that can not be cured by any medical treatment. If we talk about the more common and minor deceases like flu, fever etc doctors have every information about these sort of small deceases but even then there is no way to completely eradicate them. These sort of small allergic deceases lose their ailing effect after some days automatically. Why? The reason is the human immune system. Now we will talk about what is an immmune system and how it works.

These kind of small allergic deceases are caused by the contact of some microbes to human body. When those microbes enter the human body, the body reacts to their admission into the body as human body is made in such a way to oppose every external intrusion. The reaction and the opposition we are talking about results in the particular decease either it is flu or fever or else. As we said above, these deceases lose their intensity after some days automatically and the reason behind it is the immune system. There are white blood corpuscles in the human body that works as an army aginst the intruders and when, after some days, it wins over the microbes of the certain decease the decease is over.

Children are more prone to these allergic deseases because their immune system is not as strong as a grown up. Immune system also undergoes a development alongwith the child and there are many parenting tips to improve a childs immune system :

SPECIAL FOOD –  Special food consisting those nutritions which can help to boost immune system should be added to the child’s food menu.

  1. Vitamin C – It is said to be the best thing to improve immune system.
  2. Vitamin E – It is also very important
  3. Beta carotene – it increases the number of fighting cells.
  4. Bioflavenoids – It fights the environmrntal pollutants.
  5. Zinc  – its a valuable mineral for healthy immune system.Oysters, crab and beans contains zinc.
  6. Garlic
  7. Selenium
  8. Omega 3 fatty acid. etc


Apart from food and nutrition, to make the child strong and immune to small allergies he should not be kept completely away from outside atmosphere and should be exposed to the environment. This will help his body to become adjustable to the atmosphere.