Identify Child’s Goals

Success is defined by the pursuit of a single goal with relentless dedication and complete focus. Parents, of course want to see their children touch the pinnacle of success. But for that, they need to identify child’s area of strength and weakness. Children show promise in a particular field since very beginning. In today’s context, a child does not need to be excellent in academics only. There are so many career avenues where depending upon his interest, child can make a mark for himself. Some parents are unfairly biased towards excellence in academics so they force child to focus more on studies. A child’s life is not just about getting good marks. It is much more than that.


Many children show interest in fields other than academics. Some are interested in sports whereas some other are more inclined towards music, drama or arts. It is the job of the parents to identify child’s interest and talk about it. Parents need to take practical approach. They must motivate and encourage the child in pursuing his interests. Suppose, a child is interested in cricket so what’s his parents should do. Rather than fretting over it, they should bring him a cricket bat, gloves and make him join coaching classes. They should keep checking his progress and encourage him at every step. If parents could find a child’s natural talent at an early age, he is sure to have a head start over others who join the field later on.


The problem in India is, sports is yet to be given a serious thought as a career choice. Academics reigns supreme and parents want to see their child in academic field only. But, that would not pay rich dividend. Identify child’s goals, sit with him, talk about it and support him as much as you can. Parents are sure to feel proud of their decision in the later stage of life.

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