How to make baby wear shoes

In the previous post we saw how to choose the right shoes for your babies and in this post we will see how you can make your baby wear shoes. Your baby’s ability to walk develops around the same time as the development of his/her mind and his/her persona. Parents usually force their baby to wear shoes, but the little one throws tantrums and removes them with tears in his/her eyes. He/she has a mind of his own, which he/she demonstrates and wants to do things according to what his/her mind and heart tells him/her. Babies are not accustomed to wearing shoes and probably they view shoes as an object forced on their body, because they feel that it is not part of his body, their instant reaction is to remove them. So the million dollar question arises how can you possibly make your child wear shoes?

Parents should try and make the shoe wearing session a fun session. You can sing, dance, laugh, clap, praise, and entertain the child while you slip a shoe on his foot. Do not scold the child for not wearing his shoes. Also, do not yell, shout or associate any negative reaction with wearing shoes. Avoid force completely. It never works. Children always do what they feel like. If you force him hundred times he will remove his shoes hundred times. Remember the famous monkey and the cap seller story. It works with your baby as well. Your baby will try to imitate adults around him. Wear your own shoes first and your baby will follow you. While shoe shopping let your baby chooses what shoes he or she would like to wear. Try and choose colourful shoes which are attractive which he or she might want to put his/her feet in.

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