How to Improve Existing Child Parent Relationship

Children work and respond well to complements and gifts and treats, don’t they? Yes, they do! Improving a parent-child rapport is easy. Compliment your child when he or she has done well or even attempted something good. Be flowery in your language with them and be loving in nature. Children are like flowers, treat them with affection, they blossom. Treat them with shots and screams, they seem faded and worn out.

Good ways to improve existing parent-child rapport and relationship are listed in the following.

It’s essential to know that children would be at a happier space when they know that their every move is noticed by their parents and that they would receive accolades and appreciation even if they do not win a competition but just participate healthily. These kids get encouraged to follow their hearts and dreams and change their dreams and ambitions in course of growing up as well. Treat your child to an ice cream when you know that he or she has got good marks from school or give your child a hug if he or she gifts you a hand-made craft item. Take your kids for outings and take them to eat lunch with you to a restaurant so that they feel adult and responsible as well. Take time to play board games like carom board with your child, this will increase healthy competitive spirit and will have an enthusiastic impact on the child

Play outdoor games with children. Children love nature and they love adventure and so, it is no surprise that they love the outdoors! Take them on picnics, take their friends too for a picnic visit once in a way so that you can be a part of all the excitement6 and fun that the kids have whilst in a picnic area. Take food and snacks and chocolate treats for your child and the friends because these will be a real hit! And in the process, you become a hit with your children’s friends and your child

Be patient. Patience is a key to solving many problems. Be calm in your approach. If your child is hyper-active, it does not mean that you must response with hyper-activity as well. Calm and still will help sooth the situation many a time when there is high-strung energy around. Patience is a virtue and every parent must practice it for their child’s sake and their own sake. These are more than good ways to improve existing relationships between parents and children of all age groups

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