How To Handle Notoriously Screaming Children!

Naughtiness is akin to children. To scream and to be notorious at getting people attentive towards them could be just their basic behavioral pattern in children. Mostly children at a very age are found to be smart, quiet, naughty and many are even found to be very obedient. But sometimes, they get head over heels with their parents. The child desires something very much but the parent does not agree to buy it. The child gets angry and starts breaking of precious vases, throwing all the clothes everywhere, screams badly and makes the whole world go upside down.


Parents get excessively frustrated with their behavior and it seems really intolerable for parents to tolerate their behavior. Now, what should a parent do in such cases?


Firstly, dont scream back at the child if you think that the child will get more notorious by your screaming.


Secondly, if they are demanding something, do think what will be effect if you give in to their demands. Sometimes you can give them some things but not always.


Thirdly, When they get too demanding and intolerable, don’t hit them. This will encourage them to rebel against you as a parent which will create further trouble.


The best thing as a parent you can do is to encourage them to experience silence at a deeper level. Try to take them away from home near a very natural place which is serene and silent. Make efforts to make them experience and hear the sounds that are within their minds and which disturb them quite often than not. Even a holy temple would be a great idea as temples generally make people experience a more silent life. Silence can do wonders to a child’s bad habit of incessant screaming. Make sure the silence touches their heart, mind and soul.


Think more as a friend than as a parent. Compliment them whenever possible. Try to correct their mistakes. Remember, children are very sensitive to what their parents say and express to them. This can have a positive as well as a negative effect on children depending upon how their sensitivity can be capitalized to get positive results.


Some children shout because they have loads of energy that is not used but keeps building as excess energy. Some children shout because they cannot get what they want. Some children cannot cope with being quiet, they just want to express and so they shout. Some children express their rebel by shouting.


What a parent can do best is to eat, sleep, play and talk with them as much as possible and become a friend more often than just a parent. Its nice to be a kid with a kid because then the kid finds a friend rather someone who is going to boss over them and scold them. Let them feel a special connection towards you as a parent. Then try to instill discipline in them, it will definitely work. 😉

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