How to Bottle Feed

Breast feeding is often recognized as the most ideal feeding technique for your baby. However, real life is rarely as easy for a mother who chooses to bottle feed her child due to circumstances which like illnesses or other naturally driven consequences.

How to Bottle FeedHere are some tips on how to bottle feed your child which each mother in need can adopt.

1. The formula should be slightly warm. Test the temperature by shaking some drops on back of your hand.

2. The flow of the milk is important. Too small the hole will make sucking hard, too large a hole will allow the milk to gush out.

3. Baby`s position is important while bottle feeding. Ideal position would be an upright position on the bed or in arms like one breast feeds.

4. Hold the bottle firmly at an incline position, thus letting the nipple fill with the formula. The position should be such that the baby can pull against the force while sucking. Be careful to tilt it so that the nipple is filled with formula, not air.

5. How to Bottle FeedDo not pull the nipple from your baby`s mouth if he or she refuses to let go off it. Instead, you can slide your finger in between the gums and the nipple let go off the nipple.

6. Feeding your baby may take around an hour. Never leave your loved ones alone!

Besides the above mentioned points, the below given tips would help you to feed your baby with love:

Hold your baby close and cuddle against you during the feeding session. Skin to skin contact will also help you feel closer to your baby. Talk softly during the feeding. This will make the baby recognize mummy`s voice and increase the closeness. Apart from that, the general tenderness in the feeding and affection makes all the difference!