How To Be a Friend to Your Child

Being a friend to your child requires a lot of effort, a lot of understanding and it is practically the largest essence in this new age generation parenting to have and inculcate the ability to be a friend to your child. Have you noticed how today’s child typically is more dimensional and has or brings with him or her many more challenges that what the typical child of yester years would have posed or brought.

To be a friend to your child, it is essential to understand the sentiments of your child. For instance, it is tough for a parent to understand a teenager when he or she comes and talks about a date or a person he or she likes in school and it is more difficulty for a parent to give dating advice to their teenage child. But instead of condemning it totally, or refusing to understand or listen to what your teenage child is trying to ask you, you should appreciate the fact that your teenage child has come to you with confidence and to reach out to you for help or advice. And then, as a parent, you should try to put yourself in your child’s shoes and give advice as a neutral third party. Not as a worried parent and not as a strict adult, but as a fair and clear neutral party.

This will help the equation between you and your child. Other instances can be also looked into with efficiency and aplomb with a good and clear method of addressing issues or topics with your children. Being a friend when it is needed is super essential and is imperative in today’s day and age. With children having such a lot of exposure to movies, television, internet and from meeting different people in today’s busy lives that people lead, especially in metropolitan cities, it is essential to know that children are too faced with different and creative challenges, just as today’s new age parent faces when it comes to their child. Yes, at times it is important to be a strong and a firm parent and adult as children will learn from structure and a good form of discipline. But it is needed that there should be a balance, by being friendly to your child at many an instance, and this is a good way and method.