Hoopla Club – The Exclusive Magazine for Children

Hoopla Club – The Exclusive Magazine for Children

Age Group: 7 to 16 years

Why Hoopla Club?

‘Reading? What’s that?’ Students have stopped reading books or material apart from the school text, an obviously unhealthy sign.

Great grades, but so what? In the increasingly challenging world good academic results will not suffice. All round development, alertness, meaningful exposure and interaction are thus crucial.

Social sensitivity, need of the hour: With fast paced lifestyles and pressures children don’t get opportunities to go beyond their textbooks, understand the contributions made by their elders or be sensitive to the lives of the less privileged.

Need for talent platform: Talent is latent in many students which is either suppressed or not discovered.

Discovering roots, heritage: In order to appreciate the present and what the future can bring, it is important to appreciate and understand the past, which the students of today lack.

Hoopla Club is an attempt to answer the above needs.

About Hoopla Club

Hoopla Club is a “one of its kind” platform for Children in the age group of 7 to 16 years offering:

An all color, 48 page magazine with a variety of content on a range of topics meant to widen the horizon of a child and giving them opportunities to write and showcase their talent

Interactive events including in-school sessions and events that give children meaningful exposure in the form of visits to industries, various institutions and socially significant places like orphanages, old age homes etc,

Website, www.hooplaclub.com: Interactive, informative with loads of fun and exclusive e-mail Ids for members

The HOOPLA Vision

— A community which evolves with time with students across communities and socio- economic backgrounds getting an opportunity to bring out the best in him or her

— A community which appreciates the glories of the past and at the same time understands the challenges of the future

— A community which learns the values of dreams and gears up to lead

— A community that is sensitive to its responsibilities and empathetic to the needs around the world.

— A community that can one day go global and interact with students across the seas and inspire and motivate each other to make the world a better place to live in.

This year Hoopla Club has launched the Hoopla Club Parent Magazine, a supplement to the children’s magazine. This magazine will act as a platform for parents, teachers, child and family experts to connect, discuss and share information on parenting and child developmental issues.

For more on subscription and Event Details,log on to www.hooplaclub.com or call on 080-65836545

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