Children learn a lot during their school time. They regard their teacher and are willing to follow instructions. Learning a new word or rhyme seems exciting for a four year old. Homework is usually a routine exercise that keeps their mind stimulated despite distractions at home. This is a mental exercise and kids should be made to love homework. This is also a way to inculcate a sense of responsibility.


Weekends are usually very active owing to social interaction. Parents must make time to read through the homework and also offer to sit along with them as they finish the same. Little children have difficulty in reading and comprehending new words. Phonics is a wonderful way to teach them at home. Constant repetition is a sure way to make them get ahead.


Copying should never be encouraged as solution books are available easily in the market. Kids may get habituated and will not make an effort to improve their skills. At the same time, parents must offer help only in case of difficulty. Usually children are quite independent with math and grammar but would need guidance from an expert.


The most important thing is to schedule activities almost like a home time table. Division of work and play is important so that kids are not pressurized. Mugging up may seem easy but again the essence of education is truly lost. Practicing a difficult chemical equation is really easy if the efforts are focused.


Parents play an important role in making kids finish their homework. Eventually kids do not need reminders yet checking on their homework or handwriting is a sign of good parenting. Encouragement is also required by them so that they do not treat it as a chore. Scheduling our own activities seems more important to get children interested in homework.


Activity books during vacation times are another idea so that children kids stay in touch with their studies. Get them in a group or use a play way method and studies really get easy. Do let me know about your own ideas in helping kids with their homework.

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