Homework help for Children

President George W. Bush once told America – “If you expect your child to be well-educated, you have the responsibility of making sure your child gets educated, starting at home, with basic fundamentals.”


Homework is very important for your children. Homework makes an opportunity for them to internalize what they have been taught in school, and for parents to involve themselves in their children’s education. Teachers need to give home work to children revise and practice what they have covered in class. Home work also works as a preparation for next day’s class. Home work helps in inculcating good personal study habits like independence, self responsibility, and discipline and time management in children. However, it is not always easy to help your children to do their home work.


Most children revolt against extended hours of studies after school. Moreover, a typical home has many diversions like TV, computer games, guests, household activities, socializing and the parents are not at all equipped to impose the discipline required to make the child do her homework Small children also keep escaping parental clutches to make natures calls, eat or just go off to sleep when told to do their home work.


It is very important for parents to refrain form doing the child’s home work for them. This will prevent him from using the information he gets in school and making it his; defeating the very purpose of homework. Parents are also advised to communicate with teachers regularly when they face genuine difficulties in understanding their working and helping them do it properly. Use home work as stool to generate confidence in the child and make him able. The best way is to help the child organize himself by making a schedule and seeing that he or she adheres to it. Putting his work in writing is one strategy which will help him to keep track of his assignments. Give him home work folders, and a proper bag to keep his study stuff. Reinforce good study habits and time management at home work time by drafting topics, making an outline helping him look for material in different books, getting him to write a rough draft and checking his work regularly.


You parent need to pitch in whole heartedly with your children for case studies and research reports, and guide them to procure material from libraries and different websites. Last but not least, talk to your child and counsel him continuously to help keep his interest and energy going. Give him a break when he gets frustrated and praise him thoroughly wherever possible, to encourage him to do his work perfectly and develop self-esteem.

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