Holiday hobby ideas




There are many interesting hobby ideas to choose from in case you have a long vacation and have not planned a destination holiday. Drawing or painting class is a common option but one could upgrade children for stained glass painting or ceramic art. Another mind boggling interest can be the art of making pottery. There are special books available for origami or paper craft.



Certain hobbies would require supervision in case it involves carpentry or using sharp objects. This also is a great time for parents to unwind or teach them a skill which you explored during your school days. Girls like making a bangle box or threading a necklace. Use the best out of waste. Sew up a cushion cover with your old stole or sari and decorate the same with sequins.



Wonderful paints are available in crayons, pastels or acrylic and there are others that glow and glitter. It would be a nice idea to paint thermocol or some wooden piece and stick it up with a message like a door hanger. Decorative art can be done with diya making for Diwali or using some thermocol and geometric patterns to make a Rangoli.


Teen interests can be explored in mehndi or henna work, tattoo ideas or tailoring. For starters one could do a pillow cover, stitch a baby dress or caps and mittens. After the initial praise that they get from others more style can be explored in making a Capri or a night suit. These are specific interests that suit a person.


There are general interests of academic value like joining Vedic or abacus classes. Learn a new language or improve your grammar skills. Join the library to find other interests or read the encyclopedia for information on glaciers and global warming. Older kids can also learn swimming or join gymnastics which will keep them occupied.


For little ones, vacations are tough because they miss their regular bonding with class mates and teachers. Parents can coach them on improving their verbal skills like recitation or singing. This will make them confident. There are also certain art classes for toddlers that create interesting art work with cotton sticking, wool art and sticking pulses, seeds or spices to make animal forms.

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