Hindi day, Hindi language

The celebration of our Independence Day in the month of August leaves us with more reason to enjoy the spirit of patriotism by celebrating the Hindi day in September. Our national language has a special significance in touching our lives each day. Renowned poets and lyricists have conveyed via many songs the spirit of freedom felt by Indians and also extolled the beauty of poetry through Hindi.

Our Rajya Basha diwas is celebrated on September 14th as a mark of acknowledgement of the Indian official language. Hindi adopts the true spirit of Indians in terms of tolerance. Though the original Sanskrit language is known to be borrowed for Hindi, the influences of Persians and Urdu language can be very well seen here.

Hindi diwas is celebrated in many schools and colleges where it is fun to enjoy poems and exchanges in dramatic sequence highlighting the multifarious activities that can be conducted through Hindi. This is also the mother tongue for many North Indians. Despite the insistence of educational institutions to converse in English which is an international language, Hindi always continues to be the mainstay in the syllabus.

Anecdotes, jokes and drama in Hindi related to our literature are entertaining for all age groups. The Devnagri script of Hindi bridges the cultural gap that often results with people speaking diverse languages and dialects. The influence of regional language like Marathi on Hindi has led to spoken Mumbai slang which is a natural occurrence.

The essence of Hindi is felt in mythological characters, school syllabus and our daily exchange as a means of communication. The visit to theatres is characterized by respecting our National Anthem in Hindi which expresses wonderful emotions felt by all Hindustanis.
…………………………………………………………Vatan hain, Hindostan hamara.

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