Helping the child to communicate

Communication improves our ability to converse and is a continuous learning phase. We expose ourselves to various mediums and learn from the process. Interaction is of mutual benefit and also makes us aware of opportunities. The child’s ability to convey in the infant stage is often by glances, gibberish and incessant crying. Only a mother is able to figure out the real reason of anguish and also the talent is present in the pediatrician.


Feeding is a great time for bonding with the child. Our mythology has unique words and scriptures in Sanskrit which can be repeated during the time of feeding. Though the child may appear sleeping they are able to associate the voice of the mother and relate it to well being. Most families today are living in the nuclear set up and often kids face the problem of not being able to communicate. But this is a general and passing phase. Kids have their own way of communicating and showing interest and a sensitive parent is able to know the same.


Certain kids are introverts by nature but all kids love to dance and sing. Investing time and improving social networking will help the child more active. In case the nature continues then acceptance is also important. In case the child is not verbal, parents must find out various other interests like painting, origami or excellent writing skills which is natural present in children who are seldom into talking.


Cosmopolitan families have an advantage of multiple languages but somehow urban lifestyles make us speak only English. Our native languages are rich in their inflexions and pronunciations and hence we are able to adapt to any kind of foreign language. Children who are exposed early to reading habits, poems and also participation in casual talk often learn to articulate well. Animation, funny faces and also direct talk is well understood by toddlers.


Please feel free to share your experiences in teaching your child to communicate.

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