shy children

It is important that parents take time out of their busy schedule to give proper attention to their children especially in their growing years. Expressing your love to your children is a way to show that you care for them. Parents should get into a habit of making a plan for their children because this will help them to come out of their shell and involve themselves in some activity like hobby or dance classes. Encourage and send you child to different birthday parties. Accompany him or her if necessary.

This will give your child to interact and communicate with other children. Do not force your child to do the same. Give him time to open up and break the shell himself. Enroll your child for theatre, public speaking, dance and other such classes where you child gets a chance to project himself/herself in front of other people. Try and maintain a healthy talkative environment at home. Once your child starts being extrovert at home, he or she will automatically start feeling comfortable amongst other people/strangers. Encourage your child to read about different issues. This will help him or her to form opinions and once entangled in a conversation, he might to express his thoughts. This strategy helps people to break their nervousness and speak up.

Even if both the parents are working, it is essential that they spend atleast an hour with their child to discuss the happenings of the day in their life. Untill a child feels comfortable and secure with his parents; he will not open up with others. Children need love and care to be happy and enjoy their childhood.

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