Helping A Child Develop Self-Control!

Small children have no or little awareness about where they are and what life is all about. As they start growing up day-by-day, they have a lot of questions about life to which some are answered by their parents and some aren’t. Thus, these unanswered questions leads to a gross confusion in their minds and even make them feel disturbed.


Children stop believing in their ability to realize answers to their questions during the time when they feel very anxious about getting their questions answered. The moment they stop believing in their ability is the moment they have started to loose self-control over their life. A child starts thinking in terms of possibility, whether they can do a certain thing or not. They start creating a limited perception about the world and there is very little scope for a parent to help a child develop self-control in every way possible.


The child is at a stage when it hasn’t come out of its shell properly i.e. matured properly but is in the process of finding its own way up the ladder. So, how does a good parent help their child develop control over their own life, and themselves?


The control of a child or even any person lies in the desire(s) and their intensity. It is the intention that makes the child loose or create balance over their own life. So, should a parent make a choice of what desires a parent should have?


Absolutely NOT.


Firstly, the parent must first believe that their child has the potential to reach great heights, even the ones which seem impossible.


Secondly, the parent must express their confidence in their child’s potential.


Thirdly, the parent must know what desires their child is visualizing in their mind and help them in making the right choices.


Fourthly, the parent must help their children make the right decisions and choices by themselves.


It is certainly the self-belief and desires of a child that hold control over the child’s life, behavioral patterns, thinking, etc.

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