Help Your Child to Walk

Some children start walking when they are just ten months old while others do not start walking till they turn one and beyond. Parents immediately hit the anxiety and apprehension button and visit several doctors to ensure that their child is safe and sound. All parents are conscious about their child especially in the early years when the child learns to eat, walk, talk etc. Getting rid of the thousand fearful thoughts that parents have is a difficult thing to ask for.

Babies’ muscles take time to develop. Since muscle development starts from head to toe, your child will first develop the neck muscles. Later the child learns to control the torso and finally the leg muscle.

Development signs in walking can be seen as the child first learns to sit up, later crawls and even turns over. Usually, by the time, babies are eight months old, they start learning to stand on their feet and balance themselves. Babies try to pull themselves upright by holding on to furniture.

The normal age range when a child starts walking can range anywhere between 9 to 15 months. Usually a child starts walking at the age of one. But parents whose kids’ are one but are still crawling and balancing themselves do not worry your child will learn soon. In other cases, some babies do not go through the crawling stage at all, they directly learn to walk! This can happen when they are even 17 – 18 months old.

All that parents should know is that every child is unique and develops in his or her own unique way.


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