Healthy snack party for kids


Party times are fun for kids. The occasion can be numerous like Xmas party, Diwali times or during the celebration of the child’s birthday. Some parties are sudden and more of a get together. This is the best time to bond with other mothers or families.  For planned functions there can be proper planning in terms of theme or snacks but for sudden get togethers a bit of creativity helps.


Snack party can be about healthy food and drinks. Though an occasional cola or a chocolate bar is not a health hazard, daily snacks can be nutritive as well as appealing. Kids love a lot of drama with toppings and presentation. This is just about doing simple things and making it interesting for them to savor the same. The easiest snack party is about making dhoklas in different shapes. They love the circles, rectangles and diamonds and the tempering can be arranged like a clown or a smiley.


Idlis if plain can be boring. Draw a wedge for the smile and fill the same with sauce. Use a bit of imagination and make eyes with boiled peas or use sesame seeds for the same. Arrange the regular sheera in the shape of a Ganapati and use a cashewnut to make a trunk with raisins as the eyes. The idea is to get them interested with these little things and also let them help themselves into eating a healthy snack.


Home made fritters can be healthy too with onions, potatoes or capsicum and the same can be micro waved for utilization of minimum oil. Top the pizzas with lot of corn and cheese. Make canapés with potato or corn filling and decorate them with sauce. Monaco biscuit toppings are the easiest on-the-shelf idea. Sauce and ketchup can be presented in trays along with lettuce leaves, tomatoes and cucumber for the club sandwich. Snack party ideas are just not about food but playing a few indoor games.


Kids love to exhibit their talents so tell them to describe about their field trip or the last time they were scared. Suggest a surprise drawing competition or a mono act. Snack party is just about participation and you could use crayons/pastels/erasers or writing instruments as prizes.

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