Healthy Eating Habits

Today world over, obesity has become a common phenomenon, thanks to the culture of junk food. The biggest victims of this culture are children who love to munch on quick foods. Here, parents have a major role to play so that children don’t fall prey to taste buds. It is a common sight to see kids coming back to home and jumping on foods like jalebis, burgers, samosas and pakoras. These are oily foods and carry no nutrition. They result in your child getting fat and losing self-esteem in the long run.


Parents can’t afford to get careless in eating habits of kids. It’s their duty to guide children about benefits and disadvantages of different kind of foods. There are number of healthy food options available so why not take an initiative and curb upon the amount of junk foods taken by the children. Parents got to be strict when it comes to developing habit of healthy eating in children are concerned.


The first step that parents should take is of stop having stocks of junk food in the house. Rather, replace them with healthy foods. One of the first things that need to be banned in the house is cold drink. Kids love cold drinks but that is really harmful for them. If they are too crazy for it then you can allow them once in a while like on special occasions. What you can do is to replace cold drinks with juice. Don’t try to force them to have it or they will get averse to it like many kids feel towards drinking milk just because parents insist upon it. Just keep a stock of different types of juices in the fridge and slowly they will get used to it. If you child does not like juice of one particular brand try changing the brand or better still, make freshly squeezed juice. Other viable and healthy options include sprouts, salad, upma, idlis etc.

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