Have You Ever Adopted A Child for A Week?

There are a lot of children who have no support and live alone at an orphanage. They do not have any parents or even proper people to look after. They talk, play, eat, sleep and live along with other children. Have you ever thought of adopting a child from an orphanage for a week or even a lifetime?


If you already have two children of your own, you feed them with all the best foods available and give them all what they want. What about children who don’t have someone to care about, someone who they can talk to? Can you provide them with moral support if you can’t provide them with material support? Can you make them feel that there is someone to look after them, to mentor them and to make things better in their lives?


Can you spare some time for these children and help them with their past, present and future? If you can’t spend money, you will always give two hours a week to spend with them. Gift them something that they will like which not necessarily is expensive.

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