Happy Birthday

Birthdays are special and almost like a gift that we get each year. Celebrating birthdays is a great occasion and probably with busy schedules this is the time to unwind completely. In each region, there is a typical way to celebrate one’s birthday. The most universal celebration is by singing happy birthday to the person who is important to you. Certainly birthdays are not about big bashes or pompous celebrations. A birthday means a reason to express to the person that he or she is important.

 Birthdays are not counted by the number of years you spent living but acknowledging the choicest pleasures God sent just for you. The day is special and a unique thank you prayer to God attaches more significance to the same. Visiting temples or a place of worship gives us peace of mind and during a birthday it is surely calming. The token of gift during a birthday can be a simple card, flowers or a real special present.

 A birthday party for a child can be planned using a theme. A fairy tale theme or a birthday party with lots of games by a professional entertainment group makes it easy for the host to mingle freely with the guests. There are games, shows and interaction for people of all ages and the celebration is complete with so much of festivity around.

 Celebrating an elderly person’s birthday brings so much joy to their heart. Their kind souls are awaiting joys through their children and family members and a simple get together with cousins and close friends makes it a real day to remember. Intersting anecdotes, old memories, their achievements, praise and chiding unfolds a lot of stories which was history till today.

 Greeting your teacher Happy Birthday with a gesture or a simple drawing is yet another memorable time in life. Students can also thank the teacher and make it special with an informal classroom session and individual expressions. It is so much important to wish Happy Birthday to an old friend, a long lost alma mater contact or a distant relative. This brings in the surprise element and it is surely a blessing in disguise.


Wrapping the birthday present is a very interesting craft idea. Lovely ribbons, colorful paper and satin bows and a card complete the gift. Using imaginative ideas in creativity write a few lines to the birthday person on his or her birthday. A touching gift can be a home made pie, candles, a surprise bouquet of rare flowers or a material gift which is of immense use to the birthday person.