Handling Peer Pressure

One of the common problems faced by teens is peer pressure. No teen can avoid it. Parents, on their part should also never take it lightly. Teenage is troubled period. At this juncture of his life, a teen is not really sure where he stands, i.e., a child or adult. Teenager face lots of expectation from every quarter. This is a very confusing period for the child. He wants to fly, he wants to feel liberated and yet he is not able to figure out the way. He loves to roam around and yet the restrictions imposed by parents scuttle his wings. Life does not remain constant or static. Things change and they change drastically. During such trying period, he has only one place to lean upon; his peers. That’s the only group of people he can identify with. He wants to belong to them and establish his newly found identity.


Parents need to be very cautious and democratic while dealing with teens. Use of force and harsh words should be avoided. Parents won’t be able to agree with everything teens say or do but how to handle such situation is going to be the key. Rather than focusing upon his pierced ears or long hair, better focus upon more important factors like smoking, drinking, sex and drugs. That way you will be doing your job and at the same time allowing teen to indulge in his small fantasies.


Parents should not be autocratic with teens because that will only increase the rift. Finding the middle ground is the key issue. Set your limits clearly but it must have participation of the child as well. Teens constantly face peer pressure. In such situations, they should have the confidence and trust of coming to you and talking about those stuffs. You must understand his point of view. Give him further direction by identifying another good kids or indicating him values of having a role model. Lastly, always keep the communication channel open.


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