Handling Arguing Child

Parenting is never a smooth journey. It involves following a path with lots of deviations. It’s not a well-defined job where your task is limited to certain arenas. Parenting involves improvisation. There is no fixed way to approach a particular situation. There are several variables like parents’ behavior, child’s nature and situational constraints. One thing parents often seem averse to is seeing their child arguing with them. It’s like a shock to them. Kids are supposed to obey whatever parents say and not argue. That’s the normal perception but things have changed. Now a day, kids especially teenagers argue if they don’t have their say in matters pertaining to their freedom and individuality. Such kids also seem contrasting to the way we have been brought up by our families.


So what parents are supposed to do to handle arguing kids? Cal it arguing or talking back but parents must be willing to hear what kids have to say. This should be the simplest way to start with. Only when parents listen to the child then they will realize whether there is a valid point in argument raised by the kid. Listening to the whole case will also give parents a chance to reflect upon the things like decision made by them. Once parents listen to the whole argument they can decide to stick with the decision made earlier or to change it based on evidence present.


If parents think they have made right decision they need to stick with it and close the discussion. No need of surrendering to the child’s oft repeated arguments. If parents give in to the repeated demands made by the kids’ then that will give a wrong message to the child. Many child prefer to complain or acting rude. Parents should be adopting the disciplinary approach while dealing with such situations.

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