Good Parenting Tip: Managing Naughty Children!

Good Parenting Tip: Managing Naughty Children


Many times, parents want their children to do as per what they say. However, children are often found to be playful and therefore do not adhere as per many of their parents orders. Thus, parents face a lot of difficulty in getting things done from their children.


There are some ways that parents think are good enough to get things done from children when things get out of control which however, are ways to become a bad parent.


“A child doesn’t listen, shout at them”. – Nah, This is really a way of saying that creating noise to get things done is okay. As your child will grow, it will raise his/her voice against you as you do to them now. Remember, your child thinks whatever you do in whichever way is good and they will absorb whatever you tell them during their childhood.


“My child is notoriously naughty and the only way to calm him down is to smack him/her”. – Nah, A child has to be naughty and if you can’t bear your child’s naughtiness, the problem is not with the child but it’s with you as a responsible person. A child’s natural being is to be naughty and funny as much as they can be. If you can’t bear your child’s naughtiness, that’s your problem. Don’t smack him/her to let them know it’s okay to smack people when people dont behave properly with them. You are encouraging your children to hit other people and your child might behave worse after you’ve smacked them. In the short term, the picture might look clean but for the long term, you are instilling fear rather than bravery within your child.


If things are getting out-of-control while managing a child, you must write all your worries in a diary or a piece of paper and give your self some time to ponder over the issues. Discussing your issues with your spouse can also help rather than just worrying about the problem and increasing your pain/fear, etc. Shouting or hitting at them under any circumstances does not resolve your situation, do they? Most often they make it worse and create a distance between a parent and child, now isn’t that true?


It’s time that you realize that sometimes its good to be naughty with your child so that your child thinks of you as a really good parent. Maybe a small pillow fight would help or a game of hide and seek will do you a favor every now and then! Be A Good Parent Today! Happy Parenting!

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