Good Parenting Tip: Listening

Parents make a hue and cry when their child does something wrong. In fact this worsens the situation even further because it is most likely that the parent has not understood what went wrong and why, but most parents have the habit of “lecturing” their children into doing what they feel “must happen”.


To add further, children dislike anyone who happens to make them hear some loud ugly noises and give some $#%&^* in their hear drums. Thus, it sours the relationship further to an extent where there would be no communication between the parent and the child. So, let me ask you a question…


If there is no communication between you and your child, how will you make them feel loved by you?


You wont be able to do that without communication. But how can communication happen between you and your child when you are just talking, talking, talking… not listening!!!


Without listening to what your child has to say and understanding what the situation really is, you will never be able to resolve the unusual and unwanted situation. Never!!


So, the first thing you must do is “listen carefully” to what your child wants to say and let them speak. Listen carefully and be a good parent today!

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