Good Parenting Skills!

Children require that special touch, that special hug, that special kiss, that special ‘attention’ from their parentsthat makes them feel great about being a son or daughter of their parents.

Children are naturally delicate when they are adolescent and require undivided attention. Parenting them with great care and without any discrimination can enable children to become great personalities. A child will definitely make a mistake because he/she is still an adolescent and a human being.

A  good parent does not shout, scream or get angry at their kids for any possible reason or purpose neither do they fight with others in front of their kids. 

A good parent does not abuse, complain, criticize, blame or condemn their child but rather makes a conscious effort to understand their child completely.

A good parent does not discriminate in any way or treat their children indifferently.

A good parent encourages their children in whatever way they can, whether it is  academics, sports,  arts or simply plain fun and enjoyment.

A good parent knows how to be his/her child’s best friend rather than be just another parent.

A good parent knows to teach good actions, beliefs, values, and most importantly wisdom.

A good parent does not expect anything from their child and keeps their child free of any burden.

Most importantly, a parent knows how to motivate his child to be a better person and contribute to the world outside. Ultimately, what children want purely is ‘love’ truly in their purest form and without the love of their parents cannot survive happily. Nurturing a child with enthusiasm can enable a parent to be known as a great being in the eyes of their children.

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