Good Parenting Makeup

Children of today are experiencing too much of ideas, limitless options and styles that are more than what they required which is even contrary to the old saying of “Do as I say and not do as I do”. Good parenting could be defined as prophecy that is self fulfilling. Whatever a child would be is based on the makeup of the person that raised the child up as the old adage say what monkey see, monkey do. Also the best method to raise a child is to be exactly the way you want the child to be.

Parents are said to be the reference group that a child has to follow when growing. If you disagree the necessity of good parenting make up, then sit down and think of how you grow in your childhood days. Therefore, good parenting make up is what good parenting is made up of for it to be good parenting. Good parenting is made up of for it to be good parenting. Good parenting is made up of the following:

Good Parenting Makeup 1. SOCIAL SKILLS: Attitudes and social skills could be learnt by using examples. Children could easily study good manners whenever these two words that are “thank you” and “please” are regularly applied in everyday of their life.

2. ALWAYS SHOW RESPECT FOR OTHERS: Part of good parenting make up is for parents to respect everybody including their children. With this manner, the children will study and know the value of human being and be able to apply it.

3. HOME ENVIRONMENT: Another factor that works with good parenting make up is home environment. Apart from the parents’ attitudes and behaviors, children also learn from their environment. If a child is shown affection, love and cooperation by their parents, then this child can easily apply them to the people in his or her environment.

4. DIY APPROACH: What make children to learn fast from good parenting is to be consistence in giving those examples along with the teaching. When you teach your children a certain thing but your behavior is contrary to your teaching, this could confuse your children. Therefore, always lead by example to your children whenever you are teaching them a certain thing. Always put it at the back of your mind that the three things required to raise a child are (1) Example (2) example (3) example.

5. AFFIRMATIVE APPROACH: Always concentrate on the right thing that your children do. Appreciate their good attitudes and punish them for bad attitude if need be. Application of trouble and punishments makes your children to believe the violence is highly welcome.

6. APPLY PRACTICAL ASPECT: This is another method of good parenting make up. Parents should practice whatever you teach your children. Be a good model as a parent to your children. Let your children know the importance of the right and wrong. This will make your children know the importance of the right and wrong. This will make your children to understand better and compare your practical examples to their attitudes and behavior. Parents should always accept their mistakes. Always say that you are sorry whenever you are wrong. Put an end to every bad manner and always put to practice corrections to every problems.