Good Parenting: Avoiding The Blame Game!

As parents, you might have often experienced your child is behaving badly and you become red-faced seeing your child do just that. You have no option but just keep mum for a while! But sometimes it goes out-of-your hand and your commands are not taken into consideration. Thats the moment when you start screaming on your child!


Stop! Warning!


Screaming at your child can be disastrous for your child’s mental health if done often. Sometimes, it can be shocking to your child and the effect of the shock can have a long lasting effect.


If the child screams and shouts because you’re not able to meet their demands, it might get too irritating for you and might lead you to blame them often than not.


If you keep blaming them, they will start feeling guilty indeed which will pile up and lead them to severe depression. This is certainly not a good sign.


If you’re having frequent fights with your children, you require time to think carefully that too at a place where you wont feel disturbed nor will anyone disturb you anymore. Take enough time to plan your route on the express highway of how will you make your children start listening to you more often than not. How to get your children convinced naturally that you wish them best is ofcourse your challenge.

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