Girl child

The joy felt while holding your baby girl for the first time is extremely difficult to describe. As a paradox, the pain felt while saying Good bye to your daughter as she starts a family is a mixed feeling. The birth of a girl child in India is linked with a sign of prosperity. Parents feel a certain awe and also treat the girl child with lot of respect and care. Nurturing the girl child is a wonderful experience. The typecast manner of male dominance and wishing a boy progeny is changing as now the outlook is getting optimistic.

Priorities are well aligned for a girl child right from arranging her clothes to doting her with love. A mother is often anxious if her child is able to comprehend her feelings. A small reassurance from the child often comes with the toothless smile or gibberish. Girls and giggles are inseparable. When I enrolled my little daughter in her play school, I bought her a few girlie outfits in pure cotton so that she stays comfortable. It was great to watch her waving me back from a distance and I was confident that my child is going to be happy there.

Birthday parties for a girl child are more fun and there is more exuberance in the dance/games. Parents and relatives shower their blessings on the girl child and also wish the very best in the future years to come. Education for the girl child is highly important. With so many career choices there is no need to exert any kind of pressure as kids themselves are very much confident and aware of the options available.

Every aspect in life requires preparation. The first day of school is incomplete without preparing the child. There are many incidents that come as a sudden. Exposing the child socially to many opportunities will make your child confident. Let your baby girl, stumble, brace herself and seek you for improving her skills. Be with her and experience the delight in parenting.

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