Gift of giving

Celebration is a way of life in India. Festivals, religious occasions and family functions make it essential for us to mingle and learn the joy of sharing. This week is characterized as the week to learn the joy of giving. Giving is much more than donating. This could be monetary or also time spent to make someone happy.

August 15, is a revered day in the whole of India, where all of us spend a few moments to acknowledge the gift of freedom given to us by freedom fighters and the martyrs. There are many unsung heroes and the daily struggle of eminent national personalities to keep the peace in India is a great contribution. We can tell children to give a bit of their time in prayer and gratitude.

Giving can also be a time to make amends or to construct or bridge the gap of misunderstanding between friends and family. The joy experienced while giving is immense and has to felt whole heartedly. We could teach the children to give a pack of crayons or biscuits to the needy or just help the garbage cleaner by avoiding litter.

Helping is a better form of giving. Kids can value the gift of abundance and donate a few of their toys to an orphanage. Spending time with parents and loved ones makes us automatically to learn the joy of sharing. Giving increases bonding and siblings sharing the chores or settling to tidy their room is also a form of enhancing love.

Giving clothes to needy or books to children who are underprivileged are a great way to thank God of the abundant requests he has answered for us from time to time. We need not restrict the gift of giving for a week and children can be inculcated to contribute towards human kind as a noble practice.

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