Getting the child to sleep


The attachment that is linked from the umbilical chord is a life long bond between the  mother and child. There is no alternative to a mothers soothing touch and the magic in her voice. Motherhood teaches you to sing a lullaby and also cook exotic dishes which you always avoided learning as a spinster. As a mother, you are the natural caregiver though learning is a process in life. While you nurture a child, it is highly important to get the child independent. This is important for you and the child’s future. Infants grow to become big kids and then adults who have a mind of their own.


Infants sleep for almost seventeen hours when they are born. The wake up for feeds and cry when they are uncomfortable. The sleep hours get lesser and erratic as they accomplish milestones. Problems like teething, vaccinations and general growing pains makes them over active even in their sleep. After the child is a year old, slowly start setting fixed times in the routine. Make it a point to instruct you care giver to follow the timings. Keep the child’s bed comfortable and always clean.


The temperature of the room should be just right and keep the room away from lights. Mild disturbances awaken children. As the child gets older, take him to sleep while you drive, allow a little music to be played and also talk in hushed tones as you pat the child to sleep.


Toddlers are communicative. Reading a  story before bed time is an excellent way to bond. Use single phrase books with lot of pictures. These are mostly self explanatory. Allow the child to explain and express. Get him into a comfortable night suit and keep his favourite teddy close to him. Adjust the pillow, lay next to him and read the book slowly. Dim the lights and use his favourite duvet and tell him that it is time to sleep.


If kids are not well or there is a case of relocation, you will have to make certain adjustments. Occasionally there could be tantrums and emotional outbursts. One needs to judge the right time to let the child sleep by himself in his own room. The earlier the better. Tuck them in and stop over to check if he or she is fine. A clingy child can never be confident. Pave his way clear but let him walk independently.

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