Generation Gap


Generation gap is a much talked about concept. We have often heard of how to bridge the gap between parents and teenaged child. The problem begins when child turns into a teenager. Before that, a child is always considered as sweet and cute who always listens to the words preached by the parents. But teenage changes everything. The newly found sense of liberation coupled with knowledge of several exciting things turns the child into a rebel. The curb on their freedom makes them go against their parents. Shouting, fighting, and irritating become the common things.


The main problem with teenagers is the confusion they feel. Newly found aspirations and tastes and values imbibed in the childhood create a heady cocktail. On one hand, they are enjoying new things in life and at the same time they are supposed to be able to handle responsibilities. The balancing act between work and party becomes more and more difficult for them. Many teenagers find the main issue of freedom that often creates the rift between them and parents. They just don’t want parents to have any sort of objections in their life. Both sides hardly understand each other when it comes to freedom. One other problem often faced by parents is now rude behavior of their kids in front of their friends. The priority changes and for teenagers, friends become the most important relationships. Some of them even feel ashamed of their parents.


So what’s the solution? Well, nothing like keeping communication channels open. Talking to them at every opportunity is the key to understanding their point of view. Put across your views in a subtle and democratic way. Never try to impose yourself on them because that will lead to further revolt from them. You are not their enemy so better try to be their friends. Visualize your own teenage and think of the way you felt and then think of what you should do. Let them go, let them find their own niche. Don’t always try to protect them. After all, Kids’ need to learn the trick of the trade on their own.  


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