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The love for books is the best cure for loneliness. The age of computers and internet is a boon for all. What existed in paperbacks and novels is now available online in the form of e-books. These are simple PDF formats and also downloadable as word files. The requisite is  to the check for legal sites. Pay and be safe should be the download theory. By this the quality and authenticity is assured and the computer is not affected by virus. Install a good anti virus package prior to any kind of download. Check for privacy and anti piracy statements before you do the free download.


There are e-books library and archives on special reports. There are parenting e-zines which one could subscribe for, that directly arrives in your mailbox. Use information on food and health as it of  great use while raising children. Understand motor skills and teach kids to write and read with various articles and books in downloads. Read only e books are very motivating and this seems is a great idea to use the same as a bed time story.


Revise your story telling skills and know about Hansel and Gretel or Red Riding Hood. Animation and gentle pictures enchant all kids and is a sure treat for you too. Make life simple with the pictures and  sounds of animals that you can hear with a well installed PC stereo. Let kids get into the interactive games and match the items. Download drawing pages and colouring themes.


Teach math or science the easy way with games and online fun. Free downloads are tempting but make sure to check for piracy statements and do a thorough virus scan. Books are treasures and one could also find a large collection of extinct animal species and all about dinosaurs. Click away for knowledge and find interesting facts about global warming.


Fiction and sci fi delights for older kids is a grand idea. Kids will love the parents contribution in helping them download the same. Homework help can also be resorted with e books that have legitimate information about facts related to academics. Go for literature classics and  religion with free downloadable files. Improve vocabulary of your kids, learn phonics or teach alphabets/ numbers to kids in the nursery. Comics, poetry and wordless books is another specialty.


Install an Adobe acrobat in the latest version and use thumbnails to scroll through. Archive the e-books in a separate folder for ready reference and use. Books for education indicate reading levels and also assessment help. Turning pages is replaced to scrolling on the computer aided with interesting pictures and explanations.

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