Few more dental tips

Other than brushing your teeth twice a day and avoiding sticky food at wrong times, there are a few more things that need to be taken care of to receive compliments on your teeth such as ‘a set of white pearls’!


Dental care when taken at an early age can save us from a lot of teeth problems in the later life. As it is rightly said that prevention is better than cure, similarly, caring for your teeth is better than fixing them up!


Hence, encourage that you and your child follow these simple dental tips for that million dollar smile for long times to come…


A teen should take care of his teeth by regularly going to the dentist and getting teeth checked as well as cleansed.


It is also necessary that children eat healthy snacks rather than munching on chips and candies that not just affect the teeth but the body as well.


Also, contrary to the popular belief, chewing of gums after meals actually helps to clean the mouth, so in case your teenager is chewing some gum, let him!


It is proved that drinking water throughout the day ensures that any trapped particle in the mouth is washed away. It also reduces the effect of bacteria in the mouth. Hence one should drink more water.


Toothbrush is an important part in the brushing activity and care should be taken that the toothbrush is changed every two months. Make sure that you buy a soft brush for your little one.

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