Fashion for Girl Child

Very early on, kids become conscious of the way they look. Parents therefore often have a hard time styling their child’s hair and meeting their demands for a new look. But fashion hair styling for little girls need not be complicated at all. The hair styles need to be simple, easy to manage and attractive. You can take advantage of their young age and experiment with styles that look cute and manageable.

Fashion for Girl Child Here are some tips to keep in mind and impress your child:

  1. Little girls love accessories in their hair! They are probably one of the most important ‘must haves’ when styling your little girl’s hair. So buy a good variety of hair bands, small hair clips, ribbons, clip on beads, bobby pins, jeweled hair buttons and anything else that you see in the markets.
  2. Allow your little girl to be creative and to change their style whenever they want. You could get their hair cut into a bob which is very easy to maintain and style, or get her some side bangs; you could also braid her hair with beads and keep it as long as a month. But make sure you read up on how to maintain a braided hair style.
  3. Try not to use too many styling products on your child’s hair. They will not only harm their delicate hair but also the scalp if you are not careful. A very easy way to get nice curls without styling products and heat curlers would be to twist sections of hair tightly, roll it up into small buns and secure them with rubber bands. Leave them overnight. In the morning or when ready, you could lightly set the curls with non-heat plastic or velcro rollers.

Some cute hairstyles to experiment on your lil girl’s hair:

  1. The half-up look – This is good for a medium length hair. Section the top part of the hair and tie it up in a pony tail so that they rest on the crown. Lightly curl them up.
  2. Ballerina style – This is good for a no mess look but remember to be careful about how much you stretch the hair. Brush the hair and hold all of it in a high pony tail on the top of the head. Twist it and secure it with bobby pins.
  3. The Twisted Butterfly – Section of the hair from the hairline and twist them securing it with cute clips. You can make multiple rows that stop at the crown of the head or you can clip all the multiple rows with one single clip.
  4. The Grecian Goddess look – This is a great party look that is also very classic, simple and elegant. Begin by sectioning off 1-3 pieces of hair near each temple. Braid each section and bind with a small elastic band. Upsweep all of the hair into a pony tail, then twist as if you were creating a small bun or French Twist, and fasten into place with either bobby pins or a hair clip. The braided sections should fold into the twist on each side of the head. Or, you could leave the rest of the hair open and secure the braids at the back of the head with a fancy clip or ribbons. The braids should fall loosely in the form of loops resting against the temples.