Fashion for Boy Child

With the abundance of Indian children’s shows like Dance India Dance Li’l Masters and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs, the demand for stylish, presentable, unique yet comfortable kids clothes have only increased. Although Indian markets may tend to stock more varieties of kids clothing for young girls, clothes for the boy child is also on the rise.

Kids clothing in India are generally western with exceptions being traditional ethnic wear for special occasions like mini sherwanis, punjabi-kurtas, and dhotis. But when it comes to comfort clothes, the usual choices are jeans, shorts, tee-shirts, trousers and shirts.

Fashion for Boy Child Since, parents don’t like to spend huge amounts of money on kid’s clothing because they soon grow out of it or they get spoiled in no time while playing, it is important to keep the looks simple and easy on the purse strings.

Below are some helpful hints when choosing clothes for your boy:

  1. Comfort should be the fist principle. The fabric has to be soft when placed against the skin and the cuts need to be simple and uncomplicated.
  2. Invest in cheap play clothes. Pick out a lot of them; your child will use them the most.
  3. For social outings and special occasions experiment with different looks like ethnic traditional wear, the mischievous boy from next door like the ‘Dennis the menace’ style, the carefree, independent look, and the formal church look are just a few examples.
  4. Get retro by buying sailor suits to get the 1940s German boys look or get some faux leather pants to sport the Lederhosen look which literally mean “leather trousers”.
  5. You can also get the hip-hop look by layering a long sleeved tee-shirt with either a shirt on top or a half-sleeve tee-shirt with baggy denims . Get bright co-ordinated colours and trendy looking baseball caps to pair with it.
  6. Go Italian by pairing bright knit wear with jeans.
  7. You could also buy separates (separate shirt or trousers) and mix and match them.
  8. Choose colours that are bright and cheerful. Go beyond the blacks, browns and the greys. They may tend to look dull on boys full of energy.
  9. And lastly, there is no need to accessorize unnecessarily but as and when the occasion demands. Like a baseball cap on a hot sunny day.