Famous cartoons: Pokemon

pokemonLike Snoopy, Pokemon is also a craze amongst kids. The name Pokemon comes from the Japanese term ‘Poketto Monsut?’ for Pocket Monsters. Pokemon was an instant hit with the young Japanese children.


Pokemon video games are very popular amongst young children. The Pokemon video game is based on a story that requires the players to find and collect as many as possible Pokemon characters scattered around the world of Pokemon and train them to compete with Pokemon characters trained by others. Collecting and battling Pokemon characters is the central theme of the entire Pokemon game. In fact Pokemon video game titles have a record sale of 155 million copies.


Apart from the videogame, children love collecting Pokemon soft toys, Pokemon notebooks, Pokemon wallets, Pokemon mugs, Pokemon T-shirts, Pokemon key chains, and other Pokemon goodies. In fact, there are so many birthday parties organized for children that have Pokemon as a theme. Here, not only are children given all kinds of Pokemon goodies and gifts, but there are Pokemon cartoons all around. Pokemon is also an ongoing animated series, which has since been adapted for the North and South American, Australian and European television market.


There are so many Pokemon cartoons that feature on the Indian cartoon television. Not just that Pokemon card games, books and comics too are available. Not just children, people of all age groups love to play Pokemon games simply because they are fun and you get addicted to the excitement. However, make sure that your child does not spend too much of time on these cartoons.


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