Exercises for 3-6 month old babies

Moving on, after the first three months have passed, there are a set of other exercises that should be implemented. When your baby has turned around three months old, he is ready to start playing. Grabbing things, throwing them around will be a common thing to notice by all parents. Hand co ordination develops rapidly during this phase. Also, his legs are more active, and you will observe that he enjoys kicking his feet.

Exercises for the next three months are related to your baby’s hands and feet. There are games available in the market that have kick and play sensors located under a bouncy chair. The moment your baby kicks, the toolbar lights up and music starts playing. Eventually your child will start understanding the cause and effect relationship between the kicking and the lighting and will enjoy kicking to watch the lights.

Some other exercises include the finger pull exercise. Make your baby lie down on his back and give him your two fingers. When he catches them successfully, smoothly lift your hands. Most of the times your baby will leave your hand quickly, but as you further play he will hold tighter and hang on for longer.

When your baby turns 6-7 months old you can try the sit up exercise. But he can still enjoy the exercise. You have to be very careful while helping your baby perform this exercise. Make him sit on a bed and leave him. But make sure your hands are just a couple of inches away from his body. When he inclines to one side, tenderly help him sit upright again. This will help your baby learn how to balance himself.

These simple but important physical activities help a baby grow fit and learn the basics of walking, crawling and balancing quicker.

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