enabling IQ in a child



Mental stimulation is the easiest way to get children activated to enhance their creativity. With so much of accessibility and knowledge kids are alert and adapt easily to situations. It is also true that as most parents are technically sound and better educated they pass on their skills to their progeny. Spending time with the child is not limited to homework sessions at home but also interacting with indoor games. I tried puzzles for my child and this is an excellent form of mind game and makes her realize how to go about a tricky situation.


Getting the child or toddler interested in seeing colors will incite them to ask questions. It is fine to tell them about basic colors and go on describing lavender and magenta. They love strange sounding words and new ideas. The best way is to teach them is by drawing e.g. draw a bucket and explain its uses. The simple chart of water cycle or photosynthesis is no rocket science and can be explained to them by an arrow chart.


In case kids do not want to learn it is better not to force them. Counting can be made easy by telling them to arrange plates and tumbles in the kitchen. Let them practice on a mini black board and the best way to teach them alphabets is to first tell them the words like A for astronaut and give more importance to costume and gear of the astronaut and teach them the upper and lower case in A. This is a fun method and they imbibe well.


Jargons are not understood by them. Let them do the paintbrush or simple games on the internet. It is better still to play indoor games during monsoon. Television also has wonderful education games and interactive quiz which is liked by older kids. Getting children to participate in things will make them talk and also build their creativity.


Creativity and inquisitiveness is one blessing about childhood. Monotonous activities and academics can render boredom but there are wonderful interests through Abacus or Mental math. I feel a simple game of kho kho or kabaddi also hones them mentally to try out solutions and this also promotes intelligence.



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