Emotional Intelligence and Your Child

We all know about the concept of IQ. There is a lot of information available about importance of high IQ and how to boost the IQ of a child. We have already seen few tips for increasing IQ in child in the previous articles. But now the world is moving to another important concept and that is EQ. It refers to Emotional Intelligence. This is the new buzzword in corporate and academic parleys. The emotional side of one’s personality plays a major role in deciding his future path of action. EQ also tells how a person is going to behave in stressful situations, how good a team-man he will be and stuff like that.


‘How people manage to handle their feelings’ actually forms the crux of emotional intelligence. In earlier times, this concept was not into existence but in last one decade it is being applied everywhere. Many parents find it tough to handle emotional side of the kids. It is quite normal to see children sobbing because of various issues ranging from school to friends to tiffs. Many children find it tough to express their true feelings because of the fear of being mocked. Few parents are also responsible for inability of child to express his/her feelings.


What parents need to do is to understand child’s emotional intelligence. That should be the first step. Parents should realize that EQ is equally important to IQ. They need to encourage child to be more aware of their emotional side. Expression of feelings should be encouraged. That way, a child will be more equipped to handle emotional stress that keep coming during the course of life. A child has to go through conflict, failure or relationship stress and in such situations with a high EQ he will be more equipped to handle the problems of life. Over to parents…

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