Elocution and speech competitions in School

Elocution and speech competitions are organized in most schools. Every mom dreams of their kids giving a good speech on a particular topic. While some kids are inborn confident wile delivering a speech, some have stage fear and nervousness. Hence, proper planning and preparation can help to boost the confidence level of the kid while giving a speech.

In case of an extempore, the topic is not given to the child with prior notice. In most schools, one is given two to three minutes to prepare for the topic. While in other speech competitions, you are allowed to decide on the topic you are going to speak on. Sometimes it is bothersome to think and choose of an interesting speech topic for a fact that there are innumerable topics that one can talk on.

While selecting a speech topic, it is important to evaluate the audience that the speech is going to be delivered to. Speech topics can be segregated into broad classes namely informative speech topics, persuasive speech topics, funny speech topics, demonstrative speech topics. One can also select a topic of current news and affairs. This is because most people are updated with current news and affairs and are willing to pay attention. The beginning of the speech is of utmost importance as that is the time when your one impactful sentence can grab the attention of audience. Funny speeches can delight the reader to no extent. Humor is an art and light funny speeches are always preferred over serious factual ones. However, it depends from competition to competition, what kind of a topic one wants to talk on.

Apart from the topic, the body language, the diction, the tone and facial expressions are also important while delivering a speech.

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