Effective Parenting

Being an effective parent is a very challenging task. Parents are always expected to be fair, just and always right .They are expected to be loving and caring at all times.

Most parents would put their kid’s welfare over their own whatever be the cost.

Parenting is not just about motherly or fatherly instincts but it is about effective parenting.

Since the future of their children is in the hands of parents, they should so everything possible to give only the best in the world that they can to their children.

The most important thing to be remembered by parents is the fact that all kids need encouragement and praise while growing up.

This makes them strive to do better the next time around. It also shows that what they are doing is being appreciated and admired by people who matter to them the most.

The prime objective of parents should be to raise healthy, happy and responsible children and to achieve this objective they should strive to enforce discipline, a strong value system and good eating habits so as to enable them to grow up and face life’s challenges in the best possible manner.

However all said and done parenting can be very stressful.

One of the most common problems faced by parents is the generation gap.

This gap is due to difference in perception of parent and child.

Most parents usually tend to think that their children live in an imaginary world unaware of the realities of life which is quite not the case because youngsters these days are well informed and have a broad outlook towards life.

One reason cited for this could be constant media exposure which gives them a mindset of their own to survive in this world independently.

Parenting stress can be reduced if parents change their perception have an open mind towards their children’s needs.

Parents should keep on exploring their children and understand that each child is unique and needs attention and love.


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