Reading is an enriching hobby. One can enhance their knowledge and increase the vocabulary by going through books. Fiction or serious stuff, books are your best friend. Many times one gets so hooked to reading that it soon becomes a passion to collect books. Purchasing books is definitely heavy on the purse strings. Moreover maintaining a library is not easy. Books catch worms and cob webs have to be regularly dusted off the shelves. With modern life, where time is scarce e-books are a lovely way to help you bond with your child.


Choose a comfortable time with your family as you run through the many websites that have an online library. Check for the privacy policy and terms and conditions. Downloads are very simple and you could also ask them to post in your email about new additions. Kids love stories and many times especially after dinner one does not muster enough energy to think creatively. Schedule some time before bed time to read through the great choices in kids section.


There are adventure stories and also excerpts from the Indian mythology. Some of them also have pictures or animation that is very interesting for kids. Fiction is liked by teenagers and they can explore the same with online reading. Older girls can also look through the fashion and haircut tips that are offered in the e-books. Learn about breakfast cookery and nutritious eating for kids. The best is interactive reading online with e-books. They have the best animation and teach toddlers to learn alphabets and numbers.


Counting is easily taught with downloadable e books. Teach them about homes of animals and cries of animals via the internet through e-books. Look out for audio specials and invest in a good speaker system. This catches the fancy of kids and they love to respond enthusiastically. Homework and assignment tips are also rendered through online books. Journals and academics come in readable formats which is important for students.


E-books are available in other languages too other than English for a global concept. There are book rooms and libraries where one can also chat with authors and experts for their views. There are some books that run in series and kids eagerly await for  the next edition. Puzzles, quizzes, games add to the fun of e-books.

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