Does your daughter play sports?

Today, The importance of sports and its inculcation in everyday life for children has grown multifold. While most sons start taking the bat and the ball in their hands the moment they are born, girls are hardly seen playing sports. Only a few counted enroll themselves for sports events in schools. Sports in your daughter’s life can bring about tremendous change in her personality, her confidence and her health.

Playing sports teaches you team spirit, improves concentration, increases blood circulation and builds good health. Girls, especially in rural and semi urban areas are shy, they are not allowed to run and play any outdoor game or sports. This makes them feel caged and deteriorates their health as well. Today, women in India are making their presence in sports like tennis, basketball, badminton, hockey etc. With films like Chak De India and Bend it like Beckham, there is tremendous inspiration for girls to go and play on the ground.

As parents, you can encourage your daughter to play any sport by making her join sports camps that coach young girls. Initially, your daughter may be a little shy to join the camp but after some days, she will surely enjoy being a part of the team. Parents can also hook basketball stands in a garden or in a room. You can also buy roller skates which is also an exciting sport. Most parents want their child to learn cycling and swimming. Buy her a cycle and she will sure love her wonderful rides. As far as swimming is concerned, memberships at clubs can help a great deal. In case if parents are not members at clubs, you could plan a resort picnic and take your children to enjoy at the pool for a day!

What is important to realize is that your daughter should be comfortable with herself and feel confident and playing a sport helps in achieving this.

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