Exacting discipline from children is just about administering self discipline. My cousin’s son asked her, “Mom, Why do you insist that I brush my teeth at night and you never do the same.” Since we set the rules and we need to obey them first. While teaching anything healthy to children it is important to relate to our own self. With urban lifestyles the biggest challenge is making quality time for family. Encouraging children to flush the toilet and also wipe their hands on their own towel are some initial points for discipline.


Too much of exertion via strong commands somehow does not work on children. School and teachers are a wonderful medium to instruct children into behaving well. All kids love to wait in the assembly and observe silence during their morning prayers at school. Since they accept it willingly they do not seem to flout the discipline. Occasionally all children err but we can correct the same gently.


Discipline is also necessary to initiate table manners. Although it is impossible to register indiscipline in dining halls or hotels on toddlers, making them exposed to the set will eventually make them observe the decorum. Sudden exposure to a prim n proper behavior will confuse them and they resort to misbehaving.


The next time you make a trip to the mall or the garden, tell the child to pack his own kit bag. This can include his water bottle, napkin and play things. I do the same with my daughter and it’s amazing that she picked it up so well that often I get a reminder to pack certain things. Awareness of virtues and also gently persuading them to abstain from bad behavior is also a sign of good parenting.


Time out sessions is another way to make the child realize that discipline is necessary. Spanking or grounding will only make them rigid and the outcome can become a personality disorder. Let the child know that the time out for e.g. to stay still, declining television or staying in a room silently is a temporary but strict situation. Assure them that you love them and insist on discipline.

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