Discipline Tactics on Good Parenting

Discipline is something does not come from birth but can be taught and implemented with teachings. Parents are the source from where child gets his first lessons. There is always a scope for a child to learn and rectify his mistakes looking forward to his parents as he does not feel bad to open up in front of his elders and try to seek new path to explore his life.

A parent feels enormous of satisfaction in being the reason for a new born which is the actually part of their body/heart and soul. A child needs a secured environment in which he can feel the love. He seeks for that comfortable in the hand who pats him on his back. To be a good parent one must listen to the child mind. When a child becomes reserved or arrogant; the main reason behind is that he being ignored by his parents or not well taken care of. He feels left out or sidelined. The loneliness can create mental imbalance and can affect the child is very bad way. The result of this can go into the bad practices. A good parent must come on the same level as the child thinks on and try to analyze his mind.

A good parent must be particular in maintaining the discipline himself as his child will do the same as he does. He must set boundaries and form rules for him as if he does so then their can be a good out put at later stage. The base has to be very strong to get some out put which can be proved to be good. The parent must take some time off and just be friends with his child. To let him realize the other side of his father or mother. A child should find that dependence on his parents not only for shelter, food or clothing but also for that emotional bonding and dependence of thoughts and sharing comfort.

Child goes from different stages and at different stages he faces different experiences and he also bound to give different reactions to it. A parent must keep in mind the changes the child faces and try and modernize the handling tactics and make sure he changes his thinking as well. What we did when we were small strategy does not go well with the generations we see today. They need new tactics to handle as the problems faced by them are also newly developed so it is very important for a parent to handle the situation with utmost care and understanding so it will resolve the issue and give a new dimension to it. The child will definitely feel the warmth in the restrictions also as he will feel the care and will understand the parent’s perspective on it.