Different Parenting Styles!

Parenting with care is important and sometimes, we require to understand our child better to change their behavior. For that, we require to understand our own parenting style.

1. Permissive parenting: Parents love their children very much such that they become overindulgent with their kids and let them get “spoiled”. They never correct their children’s mistakes and behavior but fulfill all of their wishes. Parents who are permissive while parenting their kids fear to confront their children.

2. Authoritarian parenting: Are you a parent who expects a child to follow all rules and regulations sternly? If the child does not follow what rules you have set, you threaten them with inexplicable actions. This results in the child rebelling with the parent as the parent is over protective about the child’s present and future. The child does not get enough time and space for themselves the authoritarian parent does not let the child have his/her own freedom.

3. Authoritative parenting: Are you kind of parent who lets their child learn how to make decisions for their own self? Do you involve your child when deciding about their welfare, present and future? Are you a parent who gives some special time to their child and listens to their concerns, complaints, etc? Are you a parent who loves to teach their children how to take responsibility for themselves? are you parent who teaches their children about the causes and effects of their actions and makes them explain everything precisely? You are most likely an authoritative parent and are most likely to be successful in getting your child disciplined.

4. Uninvolved parenting: Are you lost in your own world that you do not have time to spend for your child? Do you often forget that you even have a child? Don’t you have any rules? do you tend to neglect your child in front of other priorities? If yes, then you are an uninvolved parent and mostly responsible for all the damage, your actions lead your child towards. This style of parenting is potentially the most damaging because you have no communication with your child, you do not know what does your child do and what does your child feel about you. Thus, it can be devastating for the child’s mental psyche and further can lead the child to drugs, alcohol, smoking and sex. This style of parenting can ruin the parent-child relationship to a great extent.

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