Dealing with Dyslexia

One in ten every child is Dyslexic. That’s around 2-3 dyslexic children per class. The issue is a serious one. Serious and important enough to compel Aamir Khan to make a film on the subject. In his forthcoming film, Taare Zameen Par, Aamir plays the teacher of a Dyslexic child. The central character is that of the child. The film is also directed by Aamir Khan, thereby making this his most important film till date.


The problem of dyslexic is a common one, as the above statistics show, but very less parents or teachers take it seriously. A dyslexic has problem with reading, writing, or short-term memory or any combination of these. They have difficulty with words. Learning sentences is tough and written stories are a nightmare.


Most often, teachers treat these students like stupid and dumb-wit and the only way they work with these kids is by shouting on them. A dyslexic child feels more undermined by this act and this further hampers his development and ability.


Special children have special needs, which should be kept in mind at all times. We need special methodologies, special approach and special softwares to deal with special children.


So there are special schools. These schools adopt special methodologies to deal with such kids. There is also material available online which can help you deal with dyslexic child. material includes, special text, puzzles and games designed to aid such kids.


While all this is a must, the most important thing fro the parents to do is be patient and be positive. A dyslexic child is different from other kids, and so, needs special care. It’s unfair to expect the same degree of response or result from a dyslexic child as from a normal child.


Remember, a dyslexic child has difficulty with words, not necessarily difficulty with life. Just for the records, Richard Branson was dyslexic.

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