Dealing With Crying Children!

Is it that you have a single child and that you love your child very much. But sometimes the situation can get dramatic for you especially when you go out with your spouse and child. For instance, your child starts crying incessantly and hysterically when she does not get what she wants.


In such a situation, most parents feel forced to give in to their child’s demand whatsoever ridiculous it may be. Now, it might even get worse for you to confront your child because you cannot see your child crying incessantly. So, how do you cope with this situation?


When times during these, a parent must realize what they are doing and even calculate the causes & effects equally.


You child is being trained by you to cry in order to get what he/she wants. The first thing you must do is tell your child that crying wont let him/her get what they want. And you will only listen what they have to say when they stop crying. It might be painful for you to see your child cry but you have to correct them. If you do not correct them, they will start crying each time they want something and the situation will get worse. As a parent it is your responsibility to see to it that your child does not develop a habit of crying for any reason as it would not be beneficial for their future.


And moreover..


If your child still keeps crying until they don’t get what they want or have asked for, tell them a “NO” and ask them to go to their room or making them go to sleep if possible.


Don’t give in to your child’s demands especially when they have developed such a bad habit i.e crying. It’s like you are creating ‘bad manners’ and you’re being a bad parent. No bad manners please…


Happy Parenting!!!

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